Important Notice - Tax Day has been changed to July 15

We are still preparing taxes in a timely manner.  However, as a health precaution, our office is Temporarily closed. 

Please continue to send us your tax info via Email, Fax or US mail.

We will re-open as soon as possible and we are continuing to work from home.

 Please Email or call with any questions or concerns.

Our priority is keeping our clients and staff safe.  Therefore, we are taking additional precautions during this uncertain time.  Thank you for understanding.

Frequently asked questions

Question:  Can you still complete my taxes?

Answer: YES, absolutely!  You may send your info to us via the client portal, email, fax or US Mail.  We will walk you through the entire process.

Question:  Do I need to file an extension?

Answer:  Tax Day has been changed to July 15.  You do not need an extension unless you are unable to complete your taxes by July 15.

Question:  Can I file an extension if I need longer than July 15 to file my taxes?

Answer:  YES!  Either send me an email letting me know you would like to file an extension, or click the “File an Extension” button on our home page to do it yourself.  It’s easy!

Question:  How do I use the client portal?

Answer:  Send us an email requesting access to the portal.  New users cannot access the portal until we send you an invitation.

Question:  What info do I need to give you?

Answer: Please visit our “Forms” page and complete the “Drop off” Form.  

There is also a “Checklist of Items Needed” available.

Question: I don’t have a scanner. How can I send my docs to you if I don’t have a scanner?


You may either:

a) mail your docs to us,

b) fax them to us,

c) email them to us,

d) you can even take pictures of the docs with your phone and email those to us.

Thank you for working with us through this difficult time. We appreciate your business very much and will do everything we can to make this process easy for you.


Darrin Spencer